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What is Multikey?

Multikey is a geolocation powered interest based network for language practice with native speakers.

You can practice both online and by meeting people in real life.


You can practice both your written and spoken language skills with AI bots and real people from all around the world. Just tell us your native language and what language you want to practice. Write some lines about your interest and hobbies – it will help to find perfect match. 


You can find online and offline courses, private teachers and language schools.


In the near future you can find online and offline courses, private teachers and language schools.


You can also find events and places nearby to socialize and practice languages there.

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What others say about Multikey?

“I encourage all those interested in language learning, both people and organizations, to join this platform. Let those learning the language know that they will be happy to communicate in Estonian at your bank, cafe or shop.”

Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of Estonia

“We shape our own attitude towards the environment and other people’s attitude towards us. If we want to talk, others will talk to us, support us, teach us, forgive our mistakes.”

Oksana Tandit, Fasion designer

“This is a wonderful project that brings together Estonian speakers with those who want to learn Estonian. Us Estonians can do a lot here to give people the courage to try and speak our language with us.”

Kristi Tamm, Estonian language teacher


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